President’s Update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s Update.
National Science Week
There is currently a nearly manic preparation going on for National Science Week all around me. Every ASC member I know is readying themselves for a week plus of activity. To all of us I say ‘courage’ and ‘break a leg’.  It would be dangerous […]

Pre-National Science Week Mixer – Victoria

Pre-National Science Week Mixer – Thursday, August 11 at 6:00 PM

Have you got an upcoming event to spruik as part of National Science Week? Or maybe you’d like to hear about the events happening in your area?

Join the Australian Science Communicators Victorian branch and other science-enthusiasts for an open mic and networking night. We’ll open the […]

The Wild Melbourne Journey – A case study in science communication

The Wild Melbourne Journey

This is a FREE event but places are limited so register your attendance here and stay tuned for updates at the Facebook even page here.

President’s Update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s Update.
We’ve been living through ‘interesting times’ — an election that seemed to go on forever, even after the voting, and then there is Brexit and watching the US unravel. If you’re in a funk, I’m with you. But, Kate Driver at Questacon brightened a recent day with […]

5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to stay up-to-date with science communication research

Scientists and science communicators are people who see knowledge as a foundation for actions and behaviours, right? A scientist, planning an experiment, will know all about the latest research in their field to maximise their chance of success. We build new knowledge on the knowledge of others.
But how often will a science communicator or scientist-who-communicates-science […]

And that’s a wrap! Here’s a story from our day at the beach #scistoryASC

Storytelling can transform dry, technical information into compelling and relatable content that everyone wants to read, watch, listen to and share. The SA Chapter of Australian Science Communicators hosted a one-day mini-conference to explore the role of storytelling in science communication. Continue reading

Who needs science journalists anyway?

Thank you to Bianca Nogrady for this piece!
According to this report from Undark magazine, the National Association of Science Writers in the US is experiencing an all-too-familiar existential crisis; who exactly are they?
Unlike the ASC – which accepts executive and council members from across the broad church that is science communication and science journalism – […]

President’s update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s Update.
Ever had that deja vu all over again feeling? Overseas colleagues sent me a link to an article in The Conversation (probably to wind me up—you know who you are!). You can find the article here.
What can I say? First, let me be clear—I find the research by Besley […]

You ask the questions… turning the tables on the media on 27 June.

·         Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a newsroom?
·         Who decides what stories to cover and when?
·         Where do science stories fit in?
·         And how do you get your research in the news?
Join us on Monday 27 June to find out as the Australian Science Communicators, Royal Society of Victoria, […]

Event reflection – ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’

As science communicators, when we write about scientific discoveries for public consumption, we often search for the ‘so what?’ in the story – what are the implications for human kind and how will this discovery improve our lives for the better? But for discoveries in pure mathematics, there is often no application at all. Or […]