Event review: The art of communicating science

Thank you to Kathleen Hayes and George Aranda for the event review.
The Victorian branch recently held an event looking at the use of art – such as photography, animation, illustration and video – in communicating science.
A wonderful night was had by all, with ASC member Kathleen Hayes providing the following review:
“A night of good company, interesting conversation [...]

Science bloggers get Linked In to ASC

Thank you to Claire Harris for the discussion summary.
The ASC public LinkedIn group took off in early August with a discussion about scientist bloggers sparked by Jacinta Legg.
She asked, “Does anyone have any favourite Australian scientist-bloggers they follow?”
Jacinta, who describes herself as a ‘science geek’ likes to know what is happening in the world of [...]

President’s update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s update.
Did you survive (and thrive) during National Science Week?
I feel that I’ve just recovered—a week later—from National Science Week. It was a rather impressive spread of activities going on around the country. I was very lucky to participate in Adelaide with a packed house who came to [...]

President’s update

Thank you to Joan Leach for preparing this month’s President’s update.
Precaution or Proaction?
For this Scope update, I’m sitting at the airport in Brisbane with a latte looking ahead to a conference in the US on Social Epistemology (this is an academic way of referring to the study of how knowledge travels in social groups).  I [...]

Inspiring Australia update: Getting a picture of the Australian science media landscape

Thank you to Joan Leach for the Inspiring Australia update.

The Inspiring Australia Strategy put aside some funding for some research into science communication and science engagement in Australia. This is the first of set of ‘at a glance’ discussions of some of the research. Much of this is being further refined for publication, but ASC [...]

Inspiring Australia update: Millions of science fans can’t be wrong

Hit Australian science news service ScienceAlert approaches six million fans.
It started in 2005 as a humble website, but the Canberra-based ScienceAlert is now a social media superstar, having reached more than 5.6 million fans on Facebook.
Every day, ScienceAlert posts news stories, feature articles, videos, images and comment to spread the work of Australian universities and [...]

Inspiring Australia update: Country kids communicating with art and science

Digital photography and solar prints of leaves and other found objects are just some of the ways community participation is being encouraged through storytelling technology.
Creative photography at the Wings Drop-in Centre in Wilcannia
Young people are telling stories about themselves and their environment at science and art workshops in the New South Wales towns of Wilcannia [...]