National Science Week Victorian Event Holders Meeting for 2015

National Science Week is Australia’s largest national festival. Running each year in August, over 1,000 events take place across the country with more than 1,000,000 people involved.

The National Science Week Victorian Coordinating Committee invites you to our National Science Week (SWk) Victorian Event Holders meeting. Join potential and committed event holders for an evening of networking, collaboration […]

Careers and Networking Night – ACT Branch

If you are wanting to get into a science communication career then the
ACT branch Careers and Networking Night at ANU is for you.
And people in the field looking for fresh new talent can meet all the

When: Thursday April 23, 5:15 pm-6:30 pm
Where: Green Couch Room, Australian National Centre for the Public
Awareness of Science (CPAS), Physics Link […]

Book review: D’harawal

Thank you to Denis Warne for the book review.
We are accustomed to science communication being the depiction of scientific concepts, by the scientific community for an external party. There are, however, instances where it is the conventional scientific community that needs to do the listening. There are also communication lessons to be learnt from ways […]

Can We Teach Science with Fiction?

I’m a scientist. But over these past few years, I’ve discovered that I’m a writer, too. This side of myself surprised me, though it really shouldn’t have—if you’d asked me when I was 6 or 8 or 11 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d have said “writer.” But then […]

President’s update

Thanks to Joan Leach for the President’s Update

Debate about Debate
I recently returned from a conference where a hot topic of discussion was on just that—discussion on various social media platforms. Now, I have zero credibility in this area. I lurk and consider and admire those who are out there making pithy and insightful comments and […]

Vic Event: Comedy Festival- Meat Bags

“Meatbags” is possibly the most scientific show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival—and we’ve got a special ticket deal for ASC Vic members.
 The show is all about the human body, and presented  by Doctor-turned-comedian Dr Pam Rana, and science-communicator Tom Lang.
ASC members and friends can see the show on Tuesday 31 March for the special […]

Event Review: Vic Event: Movie Night – The Theory of Everything

The first event the Victorian branch has put on this year, was a delightful screening of the Theory of Everything. While there have been a number of great science movies out over summer, the story of Stephen Hawking’s life, his relationships with his wife and his love of physics was the clear frontrunner. Eddie Redmayne […]

President’s update

Thank you to ASC President Joan Leach for the January update.

Happy 2015!

Though, from the volume of activity already going on in ASC circles, it very much feels as if the year is more than 1/12th underway. At the start of this year, ASC is forming a new executive as hardworking 2013/2014 executive volunteers take a […]

Vic Event: Movie Night – The Theory of Everything

For a brief moment in time, let’s get together to witness the scientist-inspired movie of the year- the Golden Globe winning, Oscar nominated, Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything.
Bring along your family and friends to the beautiful Kino Cinemas, Collins St on Thursday 19th February.  Arrive from 6pm for a drink in the foyer and a […]