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Further information is available and applications being sought for two interesting challenging communications positions to commence in April 2010 in Ghana, Africa through the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development program – further general details on AYAD (eligibility, allowances etc) can be found at The Crawford Fund is the Australian Partner Organisation for the placements and further information is available below and by contacting Cathy Reade, Coordinator, Public Awareness at the Crawford Fund by email initially at To be eligible for the AYAD Program you must be 18-30 year old and an Australian citizen.

It is envisaged that through applications and subsequent interviews, suitable candidates will be identified prior to the end of January. If you are interested, please contact Cathy asap so that additional information can be provided to you in the first instance, and then further information provided by phone or contact with the partners in Africa. Unfortunately there is a very rushed timeframe! Ideally, your CV will be received by 15 January.

The two positions are as follows:

Science Communicator, 12 month placement from April 2010 in Accra, the capital of Ghana with the International Water Management Institute which works to improve the management of land and water resources for food, livelihoods and nature. IWMI targets water and land management challenges faced by poor communities in the developing world/or in developing countries.

A Science Communicator is needed to work with IWMI scientists and national partners identifying stories on both scientific findings and human impact. The AYAD will need to transform scientific data and information into highly readable and informative messages conveyed through stories and other information products aimed at specific target audiences to maximize impact of IWMI’s research for development work. You will need to develop key messages to inform a range of audiences about important land and water management challenges. Stories should appeal to informed readers interested in either the scientific aspects of IWMI/partner research work or the ‘human side’ that illustrates how research for development helps solve practical water problems and improve lives. It will be important to identify and ‘get to know’ members of target audiences and to experiment with existing and new media and create innovative ways of engaging people in using and contributing to IWMI’s knowledge base.

Writing skills, media awareness and multimedia skills will be needed. Applicants should have a Bachelor degree in sociology, media studies, education or a related field and a demonstrated aptitude for coaching/mentoring. The minimum experience is at least one year of work experience and a strong understanding of community education and social marketing.

Communication for Development Officer, 12 month placement from April 2010 in Tamale in the north of Ghana with The Africa Rice Centre – a leading pan-African research organization with a mission to contribute to poverty alleviation and food security in Africa through research, development and partnership activities.

AfricaRice and its partners have developed educational tools, such as farmer-to-farmer videos on promising rice technologies as part of a Rice Rural Learning Initiative to communicate relevant science and stimulate learning along the path from field to market. By linking the videos with mass media, the Initiative stimulates local adaptation of the technologies, nurtures local ownership, and builds on existing capacities and networks. It has already mobilized a vast network of local actors and is helping African rice farmers and processors improve both rice productivity and marketing opportunities. The Africe Rice Centre’s Emergency Rice Initiative project has so far focused on improving farmers’ access to seed and fertilizer. There is now a need to develop a communication strategy to improve farmers’ access to knowledge on good agricultural practices in Northern Ghana. Support is needed to organize a promotional campaign to communicate recently developed local language versions of the Rice Advice farmer-to-farmer videos which are in local languages. The volunteer will closely interact with the African Farm Radio Research Initiative and explore potential synergies between radio, video and ICT in rural learning. The volunteer will also focus on farmer training events organized by grassroots partners, farmer organizations, rural radios, as well as agro-dealers.

Expected results are

* a communication strategy by building on rice radio and video programs

* a community of learning / network with development agencies and service providers in Northern Ghana

* a system to document and monitor processes related to rural learning, which will be tested in all four project countries (Ghana, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal)

* narrative stories on community learning events under the Emergency Rice Initiative

* a photo library to support written stories and final project report

The candidate should have a Degree in Communication, Social Sciences or related fields and have at least 2 years of communication for development experience and knowledge of social research.

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