Housekeeping with Nature: using biological controls at home

10 October 2012
7:30 pmto8:30 pm

A confession: I have mould in my bathroom. But if I followed the advice of tonight’s guest, I probably wouldn’t.

Join us for an intriguing evening of practical pleasure with Martyn Robinson, a naturalist and science communicator from The Australian Museum. He’ll be dispensing advice on:

  • how to keep down your cockroaches
  • which slugs work best in the bathroom
  • the spiders you should use to mop up mosquitoes
  • the ants that can clobber termites, and
  • wonderful things wasps can do for you.

And if there’s time we’ll be venturing into the world of plants, too.

So come along, enjoy and meal and a drink before the session starts, and go home knowing you’ll never have to do quite as much housework again.

Frogs, bees, spiders and butterflies are all grist to Martyn Robinson’s mill. He has designed and managed outreach activities; has written, lectured, researched for and consulted to a long list of media outlets and interest groups; and, amazingly, still finds time to write books, articles, journal papers and field notes …

WHEN: Wednesday 10 October 7:30 pm (for about an hour – time to eat first)
City of Sydney RSL, 565 George Street, Sydney (2nd floor function room)
COST: Free
Helen Sim 0419 635 905 (SMS or voice)

Martyn Robinson

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