Interview with Elizabeth Finkel, ASC 2016 conference speaker #ASC2016

Elizabeth Finkel is a one-time biochemist who took up science journalism. Now the editor in chief of Cosmos Magazine, her work has appeared in publications ranging from the US journal, Science to The Age as well as on ABC radio’s Science Show. Read our interview with Elizabeth below to find out how she ended up writing about science, and the challenges that come with it.

ASC: How did you find yourself in science communication?

Elizabeth: I’d just finished up a post-doc in San Francisco, and was returning to Melbourne with a 12 month baby in tow. I decided freelance writing would work better with parenting, than going back to full-time research.

(You can read about Elizabeth’s science writing career in Cosmos here.)

ASC: Why is communicating science important to you?

Elizabeth: I have an unquenchable passion for science and for sharing the story.

ASC: What challenges have you faced in talking about science?

Elizabeth: Controversy may be the spice of journalism but it is tough to cover in science. You have to wade into the thick of messy, complex arguments. But I guess I like doing that.

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