President’s Update March 2019

A short and sweet call out for contacts

It’s reached that point in the year where you’ve blinked and a couple of months have already passed.  Students are heading back across the country and, and it’s a good time to set some plans on what ASC could focus on in 2019.  I’d like to focus on our membership, and particularly on what ASC can offer for students across disciplines from science, engineering, media, journalism, education and the arts (and apologies to any I’ve missed in that list).

There are so many opportunities for students to develop their skills in sci-com by acting as student ambassadors, contributing to institutional blogs and video channels, or participating in any of the amny competitions and development opportunities like fresh science, Fame Laband 3 Minute Thesis.  I think it would be great if ASC was able to provide support in the lead up and follow on from these types of events for students keen to continue developing their network in science communication.

So I’d like to hear from you!

If you are

  • Interested in supporting a student ASC chapter at your institution
  • Involved in co-ordinating sci-com opportunities for students (eg 3MT)

Please get in touch with me at to discuss how we might best initiate this – or let me know if it’s already happening well in some areas!