How to save the whole stinkin’ planet

Lee Constable has just published her new book How to save the whole stinkin’ planet. She describes her book and shares what inspired her to write it.

Book Overview

How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet is a heroic adventure that takes the reader (grade 2-6) on an icky, sticky, gross and smelly journey with the main character, Captain Garbology, to become a Waste Warrior and save the whole stinkin’ planet. By following the different paths that waste can take and even shrinking down to get up close to the gory details, Captain Garbology gets into the nitty gritty of waste science (Garbology 101) and invites readers to get their hands dirty with hands-on activities throughout. Each chapter includes some fun foul facts and has a quick quiz before the reader levels up to take on the next stage of Waste Warrior training. It’s a fun way to explore one of the many ways kids can help our planet in their every day lives and be the heroes they want to see in the world!

Book Inspiration

I’ve always taken an interest in topics like sustainability and climate change. My first job after scicomm masters (and before hosting Scope) was in waste and recycling education so I learned even more about the topic giving community groups and school classes tours of the landfill and the recycling sorting facility (MRF). While waste is only one part of a big stinkin’ problem, it is a tangible, everyday element of sustainability and climate change that kids can have an impact on. It is also a good place to start when talking about an even bigger issue.

When I was a kid I loved Captain Planet which was a cartoon with a superhero all about doing what’s right for the environment. I still love superheros so that is what inspired me to create that book’s main character, Captain Garbology. I was inspired by all the young people who have been standing up for the planet and their future and I thought this book would be one way I can to do something to help young people in the huge fight against climate change.