Science meets Parliament

As part of being an STA member organisation, we have the opportunity to send delegate representatives to Science Meets Parliament. We are looking for expressions of interest from members interested in participating.

Express your interest

Science Meets Parliament is Australia’s most powerful vehicle for deep engagement between the STEM sector and policymakers.

This event offers a program of bespoke training to forge deeper connections between federal Parliamentarians and those working in science, technology and, now, science communication. This is an opportunity to build relationships and bring scicomm expertise more deeply into the service of the nation.

Science Meets Parliament will be delivered in two ways: 

  • ONLINE: a three-day online training program to equip attendees with advanced skills in policy engagement, communications, advocacy and influence; and
  • ON THE HILL: a high-energy ‘Science Meets Parliament 2023: On The Hill’ one-day in-person event in Canberra featuring a National Press Club address, National Gala Dinner in the Great Hall of Parliament, scientist meetings with MPs and Senators, an exhibition and advanced training.

ASC is able to send 3 delegates to represent the organisation and scicomm with a potential opportunity to have a meeting with a Member of Parliament in person on the day. On top of this, we’re able to send further ASC members as ‘general delegates’. With early bird registrations closing on Jan 27, we want to select members by Jan 25th to ensure people can purchase at the early bird discount. If we have further submissions after this date, we will review them case-by-case to provide support to the event.

The ASC delegated positions will be chosen based on: 

  1. Interest in representing the ASC and its key messages during the event
  2. Diversity
  3. Financial need

There is a fee associated with attending that the ASC are currently not in a position to cover, however there are discounts for early birds, early career researchers (<9yrs post PhD) and scholarships for First Nations, LGBTIQA+, Regional and remote, Technology, Disability and Neurodivergent.

ASC Delegated prices: 

  • Early Career Researchers ONLINE  – $650
  • Early Career Researchers ONLINE & ON THE HILL – $1200
  • STA Members ONLINE – $850 
  • STA Members ONLINE & ON THE HILL – $1400

General delegate:

  • Early Career Researchers ONLINE  – $650
  • Early Career Researchers ONLINE & ON THE HILL – $1200
  • ONLINE – $1050 
  • ONLINE & ON THE HILL – $1600

If you are interested in participating, please fill in this form as soon as you can.


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