Registrations for the ASC2020 Conference Now Open

ASC conferences are the premier Australian networking, knowledge making and professional development opportunity for those making science and technology accessible. Thanks to our major sponsor Monash Sustainable Development Institute, we will be returning to Victoria for the first time in over a decade, with the conference to be held in the new Learning and Teaching […]

President’s Update June 2019

Save the date – ASC Conference February 2020 announcement
Lisa Bailey is pleased to announce that thanks to our venue sponsor;  Monash Sustainable Development Institute, we will be hosting the next National Australian Science Communicators Conference at Monash campus in Victoria, Sunday 16 – Wednesday 19 February 2020.  It’s been over a decade since the conference was […]

Jillian Browning; ACT ASC President June Interview

Jillian Browning; ACT ASC President June Interview

Why did you choose to study science?

When I was in year 3 my parents took me on a whale watching trip and I fell in love with the ocean. Ever since then I wanted to be a marine scientist and I followed through with it right through to university […]

President’s Update May 2019

How should we celebrate 25 years of Australian Science Communicators?
It’s 1994.  We’ve all just started exploring this newfangled thing called the ‘world wide web’ with our brand new Netscape browser.  Muriel’s Wedding and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert grace our cinema screens for the first time.
In science it’s the year Comet shoemaker-Levy 9 smashes in […]

World Conference of Science Journalists 2019

Deep sea mining, indigenous science, the future of space exploration—Journalism has never been more important to the future of our planet. Science and technology pervade all areas of modern reporting, including politics, foreign affairs and the economy.
Join journalism colleagues and top scientists from around the world to learn more about the future of journalism, science […]

President’s Update April 2019

How does Aussie science reporting rate?
Lisa Bailey, ASC President
The quality of Aussie science reporting? Average, if you ask a bunch of journalists who cover science, researchers themselves and science communicators.
A recent paper by Merryn McKinnon, Bronte Black, Sophie Bobillier, Kirsten Hood and Madeleine Parker from CPAS examined the perceptions of science media coverage by […]

Where has SciCom taken you?

Feature Interview with Lisa Bailey, ASC President
Lisa Bailey reflects on her experiences working in Science Communication (SciCom)

Where has SciCom taken you Lisa?
Weird places I didn’t expect SciCom to take me – that time in 2011 when I was 5 months pregnant, in Coober Pedy with a solar car, holding 3.4kg of solid gold that is […]

Science in The Pink City

2018 ASC grant recipient Linda Hales reports on her recent trip to the lab tours in Toulouse
How do you get an arachnophobe to stand in a small room next to a big glass container of spiders? One way to lure them in is by simply saying there’s interesting research being done in that room. That, […]

President’s Update March 2019

A short and sweet call out for contacts
It’s reached that point in the year where you’ve blinked and a couple of months have already passed.  Students are heading back across the country and, and it’s a good time to set some plans on what ASC could focus on in 2019.  I’d like to focus on […]

President’s Update February 2019

In defence of daydreaming
Often the work of a science communicator is focused on the ‘doing’ of the work.  There’s always deadlines for delivery of some tangible activity- writing an article, running an event, delivering a workshop, designing a program.  It’s all too easy to get stuck in the process of doing the work, or thinking […]