Inspiring Australia Updates – a new initiative

The ASC has reached an agreement with Inspiring Australia to communicate their activities and outcomes to our members. The aim is to encourage discussion which will further raise awareness of and engagement with the Strategy. This marks our first posting of news about Inspiring Australia.
Inspiring Australia Update
The Unlocking Australia’s Potential grants from Inspiring Australia that […]

ASCSA Journal Club

From Lisa Bailey
ASCSA Journal Club
The South Australian branch of ASC will this year be starting a new journal club as part of our roster of ongoing ASCSA activities.
I saw a need for this as I believe there is currently too much of a disconnect betweent the formal research of science communication and public engagement in […]

What will SKA do for science communication?

The news this week that the Square Kilometre Array will be shared between sites in Australia and South Africa seems to have been received well in Australian science circles. What opportunities and challenges will this mammoth science project bring to engaging the community with science? Much of the science is complex but the project attracts […]

What are the upcoming issues and themes in science communication?

The recent ASC conference had many people asking how can we increase our effectiveness? And what can we do to have more positive outcomes? Sometimes we need to drive our professional development in a new direction to break out of the tried but no longer true way of doing things.
What new issues, themes, skills, techniques, […]

Bryson explains why he wrote A Short History of Nearly Everything – video

What possessed self-confessed “terrible science student” Bill Bryson to write a book about the science of everything?
All writing is “an instinct to share amazing information” he explains in this short film from the Wellcome Trust and “science is fundamentally amazing.”

Australian Enabling Technologies Roadmap

The deadline for submissions about the Australian Enabling Technologies Roadmap is 23 February. Have a read of the ‘ETRM’ at It covers the projected developments of new forms of nanotechnology and biotechnology and synthetic biology over the next 10-15 years. It also mentions some expected impacts.
My comment would be that the ETRM is light […]

Climate Change and Health Impacts

LISTEN to the edited podcast: Communicating health and climate change (mp3)
In March 2012 ASC Victoria and the Australasian Medical Writers Association held a dinner conversation with leading researchers and communicators.
Discussion Panel:

Fiona Armstrong, Convener of the Climate and Health Alliance
Dr Marion Carey, VicHealth Senior Research Fellow at Monash Sustainability Institute
Amanda McKenzie, Communications Director at the Climate Commission

Facilitation –  Ian […]

The Guardian finds the conversation~woo hoo~and more re; scientists v journalists

I thought this was an interesting read. I didn’t, however, agree with the comment that articles on the Conversation are boring.  Anyway the thrust of this post is there appears to be an ongoing online debate about how science should be communicated by journalists and vice versa.  In many of these articles there are a […]

Is ‘big pharma’ really evil

According to two investigative journalists, Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche withheld vital data about the effectiveness of its swine flu drug Tamiflu from scientists.
Read the full story here:

Social media reaches elusive demographic

Interesting article in terms of using social media to reach a demographic and how to reach that elusive age group.