Shafer says embargoes stifle journalism

Jack Shafer: Looking forward to taking a mallet to embargoes, not only the arts embargoes but the science, think tank, government, and academic embargoes. To hell with all of them.
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Mistakes in scientific studies surge

Interesting ….. on the problem of article retractions. Offers watchdog site

A Brighter Future for Science Conference Presentations?

I had a good response to my recent posting on the discussion list for feedback about a Physics World article, “Should scientific papers be written in a first-person narrative?” by James Dacey. The topic came to life again the other day in a related science communication experience.
I was on the judging panel for 2011 AIP […]

There’s more to science than ridiculing fools

An interesting article that raises the question, I think, of how well scientists understand media image or contextual analysis or cultural studies.

ACT Event: New media: what do audiences want and how can communicators add value?

[ 29 November 2011; 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Join the ACT Australian Science Communicators to discuss the changing face of communication with four dynamic new (and social) media experts. Continue reading

Personalising science for scientists?

There is an interesting blog entry in titled “Should scientific papers be written in a first-person narrative?” by James Dacey, It’s really a teaser for people to cast their vote on physicsworld’s Facebook page but it raises an interesting aspect of science communication.
Sci-commers have regularly posed the value of having a more narrative […]

National Science Week Feedback Event – Adelaide

Do you want to have a say about National Science Week in South Australia? Do you have feedback or suggestions from this year or a great idea for 2012 and beyond? Are you keen to meet others involved in science-related outreach? You are invited to a Planning Session on Monday 31 October at RiAus (The Science Exchange, […]

ASC Queensland’s latest News

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Nanotechnology regulations and the general public

The Department of Innovation Industry, Science and Resources (DIISR) has produced a brochure about nanotechnology and regulations aimed at the general public. They are looking for ways to make people aware of the brochure and to distribute it.
While the brochure is not a professional development resource about science communication, it is related to the broader […]

Climate change is not related to climate change?

Top scientist says extreme weather not linked to global warming. Is this a story taken out of context? A sceptic promoting an agenda? An anti carbon tax initiative? I would be interested to hear how climate change communicators address these types of messages?