[big-chat] Tragic News

ASCers will be saddened to hear the following news of a British colleague.

I know there are quite a few fellow Australian science communicators who, like me, have fond memories of Jen from the Edinburgh Science Festival in the late 90s and early 00s.


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I am sorry to have to pass on the news to BIG members that Jen Simpson, who worked at National Museums Scotland and previously at the Edinburgh International Science Festival died in a tragic diving accident on 6th August. Friends, colleagues and family paid tribute at a memorial service on Friday.

For those of you who knew Jen (and i’m sure there are many on this list) you will know that I cannot hope to do her justice in words.

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to have met Jen, you should know that she was a vivacious, enthusiastic and fun-loving communicator of science. Many elements of the Edinburgh Science Festival and the programmes at our various Museums are a product of her amazing imagination and drive to engage families with science in a fun way.

On behalf of myself and all her colleagues at National Museums Scotland I can confidently say that she has inspired numerous colleagues and visitors and we will all miss her dearly.



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