Peeling back the layers in natural and cultural interpretation – just 3 weeks to go

Just 3 weeks to Peeling back the layers!

Staged on the Apple Isle, join us as we get to the core of what matters in natural and cultural heritage interpretation.

Can you risk not being there?

Our key note speakers are sure to challenge and inspire you – and our program of dynamic presenters probe a range of ‘juicy’ topics that promise to reveal exciting and fresh new insights for professionals and new comers alike!

Join us as our speakers delve into the intricacies of telling difficult stories and present the new and the excellent in interpretation, with techniques to reach audiences of the new decade.

Storyteller Catherine McCarthy, examines the field of location-based interpretive technology, particularly hand-held digital technologies, as a critical tool in her desire to connect people with nature. Social media expert Kate Stone reviews the impact of new web technologies on cultural interpretation and the organisational cultural change it brings.

In telling difficult stories, Lycia Trouton explores issues of monumentality and the intimate art of memory and story-telling, while Jody Steele looks at the layers of technique in communicating archaeology to the public. Dillon Kombumerri, Australia’s first Indigenous architect, with several award-winning projects, brings insight into how cultural protocol, when working with Indigenous communities, can fundamentally shape design outcomes.

Peter Grant peels back the layers on interpreters themselves. Using the interpretive planning process for Tasmania’s iconic Overland Track, he asks how interpreters can reach the deepest layers within themselves to be true to their subject. While Jane James explores how to harvest a bumper crop, when interpretation as a strategic priority can lead to stunning visitor experiences that are good for the visitor and good for business. > Registration, our 3-day program with an inspiring range of national and international speakers, and our speaker brochure, are available at . For enquiries please contact

Interpretation Australia’s 18th National Symposium Registration and Welcome 9th November

Program 10-12 November 2010, Launceston, Tasmania.


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