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AASG 2011 1st Announcement!

Image http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265093/frog.jpg 4th Biennial Australian Animal Studies Group Conference 2011 The AASG 2011 Conference is to be held at Brisbane’s stunning Southbank – and will be shared jointly between the beautiful Queensland Conservatorium and the historic Ship Inn from: 10 – 13 July 2011

Conference Theme

The Australian Animals Study Group and Environmental Futures Centre – Griffith University are proudly presenting the 4th Biennial Australian Animals Studies Group Conference 2011. The theme for 2011 is:

Animals, People – a Shared Environment

This conference will bring together animal theorists and scientists from a broad range of academic disciplines with representatives from nongovernment organisations, government officials from several nations and representatives from industry, to examine the interrelationships between human and nonhuman animals from cultural, historical, geographical, environmental, representational, moral, legal and political perspectives

http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/ch/17758/2cqgr64/1328687/209c398p0.html http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/ch/17758/2cqgr64/1328563/209c3hhkh.html

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for AASG 2011 is now open and Abstracts can be uploaded via the dedicated AASG 2011 website.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of approximately 250 words in length to express their interest in the Conference. Please visit the AASG 2011 conference website and follow the instructions for uploading your abstract submission. The deadline for all abstract submissions is the 17th December 2010.

Abstract to include:

* Title of the Paper * Authors names and affiliations – contact details of the corresponding author * Paper/Topic Theme * Up to five (5) keywords * Paper summary up to 250 words in length


http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265247/koalawalkingweb. jpg> http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265240/emu.jpg http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265249/lizard.jpg http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265161/frill%20neck.jpg > http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265093/frog.jpg http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265251/platapus.jpg

Keynote Speakers

Image http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265443/baum2.jpg Professor Marsha Baum Professor of Law University of New Mexico, USA

Marsha Baum teaches a broad range of first-year and upper-level courses in subjects as varied as Copyright Law, Information Technology and the Law, Disabilities Law, Sales and Legal Writing. She previously has taught Advanced Legal Research and Legal Research I and II. Baum joined the faculty in 1997 as UNM Law Library Director, bringing with her nearly 20 years of experience gained from working in academic law libraries across the country. In 2003, she stepped down to return to full-time teaching.

Image http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265442/Freya.jpg Dr. Freya Mathews Associate Professor Humanities & Social Sciences La Trobe University, Australia

Freya was born and raised in Australia, but studied philosophy, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, at the University of London in the1970s (her doctorate was on the metaphysics of possibility and necessity). She has been teaching philosophy in Australian universities since 1979. Freya teaches ecological philosophy and co-ordinates the Environmental Enquiry major. Freya also writes poetry.

AASG 2011 Topic Streams

AASG 2011 Topic Streams

* Animal Law * Ethics & Welfare * History, Anthropology & Cultural Studies * Animal Behavior * Animals in the Environment * Animals & Tourism * Others

http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265455/helpingout_envir onment.jpg> http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265452/butterfly%201.jp g> http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265454/gala.jpg http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265450/humpback-port-st ephens-sm.jpg> http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265453/dingo.jpg http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/download/files/17758/1265458/lizard%20on%20le af.jpg>

For further information on the 4th Australian Animal Studies Group 2011 Conference, please contact the AASG Secretariat or visit the dedicated AASG website.

Jacqui D’Ath 07 3210 1646 AASG 2011 Coordinator aasg@hievents.com.au jacqui@hievents.com.au http://dynamail.entegy.com.au/ch/17758/2cqgr64/1328688/209c3kty0.html www.aasg2011.com.au


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