Virtual Farm Project

By Julian Cribb

Here is an Australian science communication project with potential to make a difference to human history.

It’s called the Virtual Farm and it proposes the universal sharing of the word’s food production knowledge in real time and at lightspeed, in order to prevent famine and food insecurity.

I have lately been discussing it with leading European banks, the Vatican, the Gates Foundation, key NGOs and aid agencies and certain heads of state.

I’m looking for highly talented science communicators, especially with skills in IT and virtualisation, and a strong sense of commitment to the human future, to help make it a reality.

Read a text only version of the Discussion Paper here or email me for a full copy.

If you’re interested, please contact:

Julian Cribb FTSE

Julian Cribb & Associates

ph +61 (0)2 6242 8770 or 0418 639 245

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