ASC President Update July 2019

What’s the best sci-com you’ve seen lately?  

Lisa Bailey, ASC President

All credit to Dominic McDonald from the Royal Institution who kicked off this on the PSCI-COM mailing list (an international Sci-com mailing list, I highly recommend!)  Fed up with the sometimes overly critical sci-com community online, he put out the call to share what’s inspired you lately.

Here are the rules:

  2. NO SNARK.
  3. You, your boss, your funder or your significant other cannot have been responsible for the activity.
  4. Come on, we can do this!**
  5. Go team!

This can be anything – the best science demo you’ve seen lately, a talk that took your breath away, writing that blew your mind or literally anything else!

Here’s my starting few, I’m sure many more will come to mind as soon as I’ve posted this.

We live in an Ocean of Air – so this might cross over between sci-com and art but it blew my mind and helped me understand what VR is truly capable of, extending your senses as you visualise and follow your breath through a forest.  An emotional kick in the guts and technologically amazing.

Beyond Perception at Scienceworks is the most beautiful exhibit to explore gravitational waves.

Journey to the Centre of the Cell, a VR experience created by the UNSW that let’s you walk around the surface of a cell and see how nanoparticles can direct drugs to target cells.  Loved it because it made me realise that all the text books had lied (of course!) in just what a mitochondria looks like.

If books count, I’m loving the deep dive into Australia’s overlooked space history from Alice Gorman’s Dr Space Junk vs The Universe

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