The inaugural ASC Honours and Masters symposium

The Australian Science Communicators would like to invite all Masters and Honours students researching science communication who will be completing their degrees in 2022 to present their research at our online symposium between 14-19 November 2022.

There are not many opportunities for students completing science communication research to present, and even less if you’re not a PhD student. We’d like to support the community by providing an opportunity for these students to present to peers in both Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand, and where feasible, encourage more individuals to engage with research.

This online symposium will see students present their research to the scicomm community, with the opportunity for moderated questions and discussion afterwards. The symposium will end with a networking event where attendees will hear from people who might answer the ‘What’s next?’ question that poses many students as they finish their degree.

At present, we are looking for submissions from students who are interested to participate. 

Register Here. 

Submissions are due on the 14th October 2022. 

We encourage all students who are researching science communication, even if their program doesn’t formally have science communication in the title, and are finishing their degree this year to register. From the interested cohort we will confirm the symposium date before then advertising publicly to the wider community.

We intend to make this an annual event that encourages students to develop confidence in presenting and provides the community with a yearly snapshot of current research in ANZ. We will record all presentations and upload them to the ASC YouTube page with the intention that students are able to use these videos as examples of their presentation ability, something we’ve noticed has become more and more valuable to have.

Please encourage and inform your networks and any interested individuals to jump at this free event.

If you are unable to participate, please keep an eye out on our socials and website as the ASC Conference is coming and we look forward to your participation then.

ASC Community – we hope that you’ll be interested in attending to find out what these students have been up to, and supporting these students as they progress through their academic journey, wherever it may take them. Please keep an eye out for the event.

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