#ASC14 Podcasts – Jesse Shore, Jenni Metcalfe And Joan Leach At The ASC National Conference

Dr Joan Leach convenes the Science Communication Program at the University of Queensland and is the Associate Professor of rhetoric and Deputy Head of School in the School of English, Media Studies and Art History. Joan is also the President of the Australian Science Communicators.
Her research centers on public engagement with science, medicine and technology […]

#ASC14 Podcast – Dr Rod Lamberts – Presenter at the ASC National Conference

Dr Rod Lamberts is the Deputy Director of the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at the Australian National University, a founding partner of the Éngstrom Group, and in 2012 was elected National President of the Australian Science Communicators (retired injured, 2013).
He has more than 18 years experience as a professional […]

President’s update: Welcome to Brisbane for #ASC14!

Thank you to newly appointed ASC President Joan Leach for the conference welcome.
New ASC President Welcomes you to Brisbane for 2014 Conference
I was delighted to be voted in as 2014 ASC President late last year.  And while I claim no credit for the upcoming conference—that credit goes elsewhere and I will be flagging ASC members […]

#ASC14 highlights

Thanks to Claire Harris for sharing her highlights.

Over 100 distinguished speakers across disciplines and industries
Leaders and visionaries of our time such as:

Ian Lowe (Emeritus Professor of Science, Technology and Society at Griffith University and President of the Australian Conservation Foundation)
Susannah Eliott (CEO of the Australian Science Media Centre)
Drew Berry (Biomedical Animator at Walter Eliza Hall […]

#ASC14 Podcast – Sarah Lau – Presenter at the ASC National Conference

Sarah Lau is a graduate of the Science Communication course at UWA, and worked at the science museum in Perth called Scitech, and was primarily responsible for creating engaging science shows and experiences for visitors. In 2009 Sarah joined ChemCentre in Bently, where she is responsible for the public profile of the organisation – this […]

The 2013 Unsung Hero of Science Communication Award #ASC14

Thank you to Simon Chester for preparing this piece.
The Unsung Hero of Science Communication award is offered annually by the Australian Science Communicators (ASC), and recognises and celebrates excellence in science communication across Australia.
Science communication is the process of making science accessible, and encouraging engagement with scientific processes and outcomes. This engagement allows people to […]

ASC national conference – only weeks away #ASC14

The Australian Science Communicators National Conference 2014, 2-5 February, Brisbane is only weeks away. So get in quick to claim your spot to attend this premier networking event promising thrills, new skills and (gasp) entertainment! Register now. Continue reading

Telling a science story: Industry and science engagement

Thank you to Julia Martin for preparing this piece.
Metaphor, visualisation and allegory are hardly the terms you’d expect business people to use when talking about science. But according to the industry insiders, imagination and story-telling are invaluable tools for anyone serious about communicating scientific knowledge to the public, employees and potential investors.
Recent reports from the […]