ASC SA Journal Club: Are scientists susceptible to a soundbite?

ASCSA journal club is a social way to keep up with current research in science communication and to refine your skills in critical analysis. We’ll review selected articles in groups and also share ideas on the best journals to watch and the best tools for searching for and collating articles.
This month we’ll be reviewing a […]

Big Ideas event in the ACT – Is Australia producing too many PhDs?

Thanks to Toss Gascoigne and Ian McDonald for providing this information. 
Long hours, short-term contracts, uncertain employment, and cut-throat competition for grants, fellowships and positions. The work may be on interesting and important issues and the company stimulating, but for many the reality of a career in research isn’t so rosy.
This event was held yesterday – we look […]

Canberra unlocks the secrets to “real” forensic science

By Ian McDonald (Secretary, ASC ACT branch committee)
On a brisk Wednesday evening in early August, Canberrans came to hear real forensic scientists discuss their careers and how they differ from Hollywood’s portrayal. The ASC Canberra event entitled CSI vs Real Forensic Science, was facilitated by Ben Lamont, the Vice President of the ACT Chapter of […]

It’s alive! Survey of science engagement activities is now online

We’re now ready to take the snapshot of Australia’s science engagement activities so say cheese! The national survey is live online. If you are involved in science engagement activities fill out the survey at: It closes 30 June 2012.
The survey is designed to capture a lot of information and poses some challenging questions. Don’t […]

Review of “Transit of Venus” (Nick Lomb) by Simon O’Toole

In just days from now, on June 6, the planet Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun for the last time this century; the next opportunity to observe this event will be December 11, 2117. In Transit of Venus: 1631 to the Present, Nick Lomb, of Sydney Observatory, presents the fascinating history of […]

Download the free ‘Ultimate Science Guide’

It’s here! The eagerly awaited 2012 edition of the Ultimate Science Guide, an undergraduate guide, is now available for download, to help navigate options for careers and courses in science, IT and engineering.
Find out what’s hot in science and how to nab the best salaries and get the most out of a course. Or discover […]

Best Science Apps for iPhone/iPad:

Thanks to Joe Hanson for posting his best science apps for iphone / ipod – for the science and technology obsessed – enjoy!
Best Science Apps for iPhone/iPad:
–       NASA has a great free educational app where you can track spacecraft and learn about projects.
–       GoSkyWatch, which is inexplicably free for the iPad only version (and a very underpriced $3.99 for iPhone/iPad compatible […]

Outreach where they least expect it – Guerilla Astronomers

Thanks to Kirsten Gottschalk from ICRAR for contributing this post:
I have a confession – I love astronomy. Something about it has fascinated me ever since I can remember. Understandably then, it’s something I am very passionate about. This is why I was quite taken aback when I heard “People aren’t interested in looking through telescopes […]

NSW Branch AGM and Reel Science Communication by Derek Muller

[ 26 March 2012; 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ] [caption id="attachment_3459" align="alignnone" width="440" caption="Derek Muller"][/caption]

It’s that time of year again… time for the annual NSW AGM.

This year we are fortunate enough to hear from the very engaging Derek Muller before getting down to the business end of things.

Derek brings a unique view on the how much the public really know about science. Backed by […]

SA Event: Teach for Australia – Innovative pathways for outstanding science graduates

Brought to you by The Tall Poppy Campaign and Teach for Australia:
Event: Teach for Australia – Innovative pathways for outstanding science graduates
Monday 20 February, 2012
Royal Society Room at the SA Museum, North Terrace
12:30pm – 1:30pm (Lunch Included)
Speakers: Adam Buxton, Teach for Australia
Tessa Mudge, Alumni and Associate at Teach for Australia
Places are strictly limited and priority […]