Shafer says embargoes stifle journalism

Jack Shafer: Looking forward to taking a mallet to embargoes, not only the arts embargoes but the science, think tank, government, and academic embargoes. To hell with all of them.
See live chat here

Windy Joules from MadLab

In light (pun intended) of the theme for National Science Week 2012 – “Energy Evolution” reflecting (there it is again) the UN’s International Year of Sustainable Energy For All, event organisers might be interested in a new purpose-designed electronic kit from MadLab:  Windy Joules.
This DIY kit becomes an alternative energy device that logs light levels […]

Young Tall Poppy Science Award Campaign and the ASC

Jesse Shore, National President is pleased to announce that the ASC has signed a Letter of Agreement (LoA) with the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS). AIPS runs the nationwide Young Tall Poppy Science Awards and this LoA will encourage Award winners to get involved in ASC events. Continue reading

Great communication tips from the BSA Conference

“You can now download the final 2011 Science Communication Conference report packed with all the case studies, break-out discussions and learning points from the two days.” Amy Lothian, Science in Society Officer, British Science Association Continue reading

Are scientists selfish?

Popping into my inbox the other day was a review by the journal, Science Communication about a book Open Science. The authors are Julian Cribb and Tjempaka Sari (CSIRO publishing).
Another book from Julian Cribb, I thought, how wonderful. But Julian is no one hit wonder, so why was I surprised. The review […]

scicommunity: A Web-Based Platform for Community and Communication in Science

Introducing a new online resource, aimed at bringing together the Inspiring Australia recommendations for Australians conducting science communication and engagement activities. Continue reading

“What services do science institutions really need from a science communication company?”

I’d been asked the above question by a company wanting to focus some of its communication skills towards a science market. Thinking the topic would be of interest to many in our diverse community I put the question to the ASC-list. Continue reading

Big Blog Theory finalists and the winner is…

Congratulations to the winners of the ‘big blogs’ and microblogs Continue reading

Communicating the science of climate change: Hot Air tips

The latest Hot Air booklet launched with a survey for your feedback Continue reading