ASC-WA Event Review: An evening of food and science

(Presentations & Demonstrations) An Evening of Food and Science (SciTech Discovery Centre) – 30 July 2014

DryIce Icecream

Making dry-ice icecream

An Evening of Food and Science aimed to involve the general public and ASC members in an interactive evening of talks and food science activities. The evening consisted of an hour of 10 minute presentations by five guest speakers from different food science specialties. After the formal presentations guests and speakers moved to the foyer for an hour of nibbles, wine tasting, networking and food science activities. The speakers and topics for the evening were:

  • Emma Donnelly- Neurogastronomy (2012 My Kitchen Rules Contestant)
  • Garry Lee- Smelly Feet (Science of Truffles) (UWA Food Scientist)
  • Vince Bligh- The Science of Wine (Greenpiper Wines)
  • Joanne Castelli- Making your own cheese (Home Cheese Making Expert)
  • Boris Baer- The importance of bees to the food chain (Director of the Centre for Integrative Bee Research)

Tricks with food, colour and taste

Each of the presenters set up a table in the foyer with activities and tastings about they’re topic. These included testing the effects of music on the taste of foods, cheese tastings, information on the life cycle of bees and dry ice icecream. The wide range of food science topics and the passion the presenters showed for each of their topics was a major highlight for the audience as seen in the evaluation feedback. The event cost was $20 per person ($15 for ASC) and included nibbles and 2 free wine tastings (provided by Greenpiper Wines). Additional food and drink could be purchased for a price, however, most people were satisfied by the included tastings. Securing Greenpiper Wines as a key sponsor helped keep costs low and allowed us to provide more free inclusions for visitors. (by Cassie Paxman)

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