Australian Science Blogs

Here is a list of Australian Science Blogs compiled by George Aranda. Last updated 20th September, 2016.

A Portfolio of Sky – Jacqueline Milner – (Sky)
Another Bloody Science Blog – Gemma Conroy – (General Science)
Astroblog – Ian Musgrave – (Astronomy)
Australian Science Writers – (Science journalism)
BrainCraft (Vlog) – Vanessa Hill – (psychology/neuroscience)
Canine Science – Mia Cobb – (Photoblog, Dogs)
Condensed Concepts – Ross McKenzie – (Quantum Science)
Conservation Bytes – Corey Bradshaw –  (Environment)
Creatura – Bec Crew – (Animals)
Cracking the Enigma – Jon Brock – (Autism)
Cubist Crystal – Jenny Martin – (General Science)
CSIRO Blog (Science News)
Do You Believe In Dog – Mia Cobb + Julie Hecht – (Dogs)
Dragon Laughing – Kevin Orrman-Rossiter – (Book Reviews)
Dyani Lewis – Dyani Lewis – (General Science)
Easy Peasy Science –
Ecology is not a dirty word (Ecology)
Espresso Science – Jenny Martin – (General Science)
Euan Ritchie – Euan Ritchie – (Ecology/Conservation Research)
The Flying PhD – Andrew Weatherall – (Brain Injury)
Graham Readfearn – Graham Readfearn – (Climate Science)
Honeybees and Helium – Dr Sophie Lewis – (Climate Science)
Human Animal Science – Mia Cobb –
Ian Lunt Ecology – Ian Lunt – (Ecology)
Into the Void Science – Cameron Costigan – (General Science/Science Engagement)
It Must be Wednesday – Tara Maree Roberson – (Science Communication)
Len Fischer Science – Len Fischer – (General Science)
Let’s Try this “PhD” Thing – Chloe Warren – (General Science)
Lost in Science – Chris Lassig, Beth Askham, Stu Burns (General Science)
Lucid Thoughts – Kevin Orrman-Rossiter – (General Science)
Luminous – Fiona McMillan – (General Science)
The Other Side of Science – Noby Leong – (General Science)
Paperbark Writer – Paula Peeters – (Science and Art)
Pen Sapiens – Jesse Hawley – (Art and Science)
Real Dirt – James Woodford – (Soil)
Real Scientists – (Scientists)
Remarkable Women in Science – Anne-Sophie Dielen (Women in Science)
The Research Realm – Jacqui McRae – (General Science)
RIAus Blog – Collective Blog – (General Science)
Running Ponies – Bec Crew – (Animals)
Science Book a Day – George Aranda – (Popular Science Books)
Science for Life 365 – Sarah Keenihan – (General Science)
Science Traveller – Alan Gill – (General Science)
Sciengage – Sam Askin: (Blog and Science Engagement)
Scientell – Simon Torok and Paul Holper – (Science Communication)
Si Moore – Si Moore – (Environmental Science)
Skeptical Science – John Cook – (Climate Change)
Soilduck – Jess Drake – (Soil)
Stuart McMillen – Stuart McMillen – (Science History)
Sturt’s Notebook (Environmental Science)
Sydney Spiders – Lizzy Lowe – (Spiders)
The Universe, in Theory – Katie Mack – (Astrophysics)
What’s a Physics? – Tom Gordon – (Physics)
Wild Life – Lynette Plenderleith (Frogs)
Veritasium (Vlog) – Derek Muller – (General Science)
The World’s Best Ever – Bec Crew – (Weird Animals)
Your Brain Health – Sarah McKay – (Neuroscience)

Ian also lists top 20 eco blogs at

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