ASC’s new President

Hi, all

The ASC national AGM on 16 December yielded a new President to guide us through 2010: Jesse Shore. I will forward the AGM minutes soon, but in the meantime, please find below Jesse’s acceptance speech from the night.

A huge thank you to Tim Thwaites for his leadership, contributions and sacrifices during his two-year Presidency. Tim will continue to orchestrate the ASC National Conference (don’t forget – early-bird registrations close on 15 January – sign up now at and will segue into the position of ASC Past President.

Which brings me to another enormous debt of gratitude – this one owed to Jenni Metcalfe, who will be stepping down as ASC Past President. Her two-year PP term followed two years as ASC President and we are grateful for her continued commitment, energy and ideas (and don’t forget to register for Hot Air at the ASC conference – the last instalment in the successful trilogy, invented and brought to us largely by Jenni).



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