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To all ASCr’s,

We’ve had a great response so far and some excellent ideas, keep them coming!

If you are interested in science and have a great story, or a good idea for a documentary/factual project this is a fantastic opportunity for you to tell the people that matter. Don’t suffer through another episode of Mythbusters thinking you could do better than that. Don’t lay awake at night dreaming about being the next David Attenborough. And don’t keep your world changing research a secret any longer.

Tell your story directly to producers and broadcasters all around the globe- They are listening now…

Science Exchange: Call for stories.

Got a great idea for a science based documentary?

The RiAus in association with the Australian International Documentary Conference are calling for anyone with a science story to submit their story ideas to an exclusive forum of international documentary producers and broadcasters.

The aim is to create collaborative science-documentary projects for the internet, television and/or feature documentary release.

This is an international program with submissions accepted from all over the world, and an opportunity to see your idea become a documentary series.

Producers are always looking for subjects with:

* Hot Topics (The Future, Energy Alternatives, Medical Advances, The Environment, etc etc) * Innovative Formats (things never seen or tried before) * Character Hosts (interesting charismatic personalities) * Provocation (challenging topics, alternative viewpoints, controversy) * Excitement (amazing stories, adventure, mystery, travelogue, discovery)

So be creative, and remember to tell your story with a popular-science angle.

For more information visit:

All shortlisted science stories will be pitched by you to an invited audience of science producers and science broadcasters at the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) on 23 February 2010.

Submissions close Monday 25th January 2010, and the successful shortlist will be announced in early February.

[cid:image001.jpg@01CA7A48.E18A9470] Steve Kern Senior Programs Co-ordinator

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