Observations on the Inspiring Australia report and its relevance to the ASC

Not before time, and yet still timely, I’m pleased to release ASC’s digestion of the Inspiring Australia Report. This document is partly our response to the report, partly a framework for constructive actions and partly a reworking of the report from an ASC viewpoint.

ASC vice-president, Rob Morrison, has done a masterful job of collating members’ comments about the Inspiring Australia Report and synthesising them with his own detailed analysis. It has taken me some time to make some judicious edits and identify the actions that ASC could, should and has taken for each recommendation in Inspiring Australia. The ASC Executive has approved the document for circulation.

We view this as a living document which will evolve and inspire other papers and actions, such as my request for members to comment about science prizes.

I advise that you read at least the first six action packed pages of this document. Pages 7 to 12 also make good reading as they go into deeper analysis of major themes.

The ASC Executive, Rob, and I thank those members who offered comments about the Inspiring Australia Report and welcome theirs and others comments on the current paper.

Jesse Shore
National President

Summary of Rob M’s comments re IA, with Exec summary 3-10-10

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