Animating NanoGold

A new animation illustrating how gold behaves at the nanoscale has been launched

As foreshadowed earlier in the year, the National Enabling Technologies Strategy (NETS-PACE) has been expanding the reach of the national nanotechnology secondary school resource AccessNano

With the help of James Hutson, Bridge8 has added to the collection of resources with an animation explaining the nanoscale and properties of nanogold. This animation links well into the AccessNano Year 11 Gold module, but could also be used in Scale, Properties, or the Health and Medicine NanoGold modules. The start of the animation is also a good general introduction to the nanoscale for broader audiences.

You can view the animation on the AccessNano YouTube Channel , or here:

please feel free to pass it on to teachers or others who might find it a useful resource. Kristin

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