Easter, Media 140 Frontiers and a Social Media question

It’s that time of year again. Hot cross buns are turning up in offices all over Victoria, the sound of foil crinkling back, revealing the sweet perfume of chocolate (the quality of which will vary) shaped into cute small furry animals. Then it’s a HOLIDAY where you get to see those things you love so much that you don’t often see. Things like…the bed…the couch…and then maybe family.

But even more importantly, the MEDIA 140 Frontiers conference is on, on the 27th of April in Brisbane. [insert rapturous applause]

Teaching science communication and doing some research into the effects of social media on science communication, I am going to be flitting around the conference like a humming bird, trying to find out what I can from people in the know.

But that leads me to ask you all a question:

What types of social media do you use when communicating science?

Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? Flickr? Linkedin? TweetLater? Digg?

Let me know. And I hope to see you in Brisbane. I will be the guy with a poppy in his left lapel (wink wink). Otherwise, enjoy those Easter eggs in bed!

George also blogs as PopSciGuy

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Dr George Aranda is a former psychology researcher who has moved from the world of neuroscience to pursue a career in science education research and science communication. Now researching and teaching at Deakin University, he has broad interests in writing, social networking modes of communication, podcasting, science communication videos and understanding how scientists and their work are perceived in the world.

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