Science communication and social media now a national conversation

Last month ASC members were offered a 10% discount on the entry fee to a niche event on science communication in social media. Many of the speakers on the program were ASC members from around the nation. In conjunction with Media140, the ASC made several student scholarships possible for local science communication students at the University of Queensland.

The Science Communication Program Convenor at the University of Queensland Dr Joan Leach had this to say about the event:

“Media140 catalysed a number of conversations that are going on nationally.  There is great research and engagement work going on at Australian Universities on the power and perils of digital media.  Being able to apply this research in the context of science communication—and talk to colleagues and people making great strides in using and understanding these technologies was super-stimulating.  And, the conference practiced what it preached with a fabulously talented contingent of journalism and science communication students from UQ blogging, tweeting, and networking their way through the event!   ASC supported science communication students from UQ who engaged with colleagues in China during the event and have used their insights into digital media to inform their upcoming citizen science event in Brisbane.  This was a rare event where research, practice, and discussion of pedagogy was all possible and relevant.”

You can find out more about tertiary qualifications in Science Communication in Australia here.

ASC readers who couldn’t make the event this time can look forward to several articles from attending students soon. Initial feedback on the experience follows.

“The Media 140 event was so inspiring for me as a newbie. It really enlightened me on using new media as a channel to transmit the scientific information.”Basil Liu [Basil blogs in both Chinese and English, see his related event posting here, or on facebook here.]

“I thought the media140 event was an excellent opportunity to find out about the variety of applications new media can offer in science communication. In particular I was impressed by the enthusiasm attendees showed at the potential these forms of media hold in communicating their message.”Sally Grosvenor

“Funnily enough, overall I think the best thing that I got out of the day was just the exposure to that environment – as a student you rarely get the opportunity to attend conferences, and see how working professionals and academics work and think. It gave me a bit of a taste of the ‘real world’, listening to everyone talk about their work. It definitely makes me happy and excited to be entering into this field.”Emily Christoffels

“Media140 was an absolute blast. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many interesting, new thoughts or ideas to agree with in one day before.”
Nicholas Aslin

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