Applications now open for a national ASC Facebook Group volunteer moderator

Are you familiar with the much loved ASC FB group? An ASC committee attempted to close it down some years back when questioning the value, and not only would nobody leave, but more people kept arriving to contribute their #scicomm views, ideas, opportunities and more.

The ASC FB group is here to stay!

We are sorry to say that our resident ASC FB Group Moderator, Dr Dustin Welbourne, is moving on from the role as he finds himself spending less time there of late.

Dustin crafted the current group guidelines and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

You can read the group guidelines here:

We are seeking a new group moderator to keep the guidelines working for all, and generally being the resident voice of reason in a usually well-behaved space.

To apply for the role, please email your application to including a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or a current brief CV with a brief statement letting us know why you’d like to be involved and why you think the FB Group would benefit from your moderating input.

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Kali is fascinated by communication in all its forms, especially when it comes to group dynamics and collective efforts to transform worldview. She reckons science communication is one of the primary stomping grounds for important communication activities across the globe. She has worked in research, science and technology roles for the last twenty years and is currently ASC's Executive Officer and national Conference Director.

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