Drone Workshop – Everything you need to know! [Sydney, Thursday 15 Nov 18]

Learn about all things drones with drone experts Aaron & Dean from UAVISUALS.com

Drones are definitely here to stay & with the ever-changing landscape of new technology learn how it can not only take amazing photos but how you can use it as a tool for business.

We hope to inform, educate and clarify any questions around drones the attendees may have. The session is aimed to be informative, fun, relaxed and hands-on.

You will have the opportunity to look, touch & play with some common aircrafts (no flying) that are out in the market right now.

The Workshop presenters come from 4+ years of drone services in Australia & Beyond including being the first operator to fly over Antartica.

Session topics:
1 – Intro to drones
2 – Which one to get?
3 – How to get the most out of your drone for personal or business use
4 – Intro to Photography, Video, Monitoring & Inspections
5 – Rules & Regs.
6 – Q&A & hands on with the drones


Aaron Rajamoney, Director of Aerial Imaging, UAVISUALS
Dean Chisholm, Director, Birds Eye Media

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** Save $ if registering for 2 half day workshops –> all available workshops are online here: http://2018conf.asc.asn.au/workshops/ **

** Minimum numbers apply for this workshop to go ahead so please share with friends & register early! **

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Afternoon session: https://www.facebook.com/events/1970419193256193/

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