Medical Research Rally

For those who missed the Australian Science Media Centre’s (AusSMC) online briefing yesterday. Here tis

Gentlemen’s rules are out, scientists: it’s time to unleash the beast

by Rod Lamberts and Will J. Grant
War has been declared, and those who recognise the fundamental role science plays in everyday life need to decide where they stand.
Building on the budgetary and rhetorical slights of recent months, rumours are now afield that the Gillard government is looking at cutting the National Health and Medical Research […]

Send in the Scientists

A story that highlights: the apparent lack of scientific input into government policy. The effectiveness of anonymous dissident websites…
A proposal to amend the Federal Criminal Code Act could see a number of plants species become outlawed.
The proposed schedule reads as follows:

Any plant containing mescaline including any plant of the genus Lophophora.
Any plant containing DMT […]

Science more complex with bureaucracy?

First we have the complexities and uncertainties of science and then we introduce a bureaucratic process that can be inefficient and sometimes, incompetent.
I give you a prime example in the case of the Asian honey bee eradication program. Full story continues……

Observations on the Inspiring Australia report and its relevance to the ASC

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From the President, June 2010: Inspiring Australia; national workshops; theatre; and ‘What is science?’

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Inspiring Australia – response to the national science communication report

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Canberra event: Communicating science for policy – the role of science communicators

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Background to the National Science Communication Strategy

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ASC submission on the National Science Communication Strategy

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