Alternative Medicine versus Science: Winners and Losers

ASCSA Tuesday 11th December Meeting

“Pseudo” means fake. The best way to spot a fake is to know as much as possible about real science, including the scientifically proven facts and the nature of science. This includes the criteria of evidence, the design of meaningful experiments, the weighing of possibilities, the testing of hypotheses, the establishment of theories, and the many aspects of the scientific method that make it possible to draw reliable conclusions about the physical universe.

Because we are constantly bombarded with nonsense through a wide variety of media, it is useful to consider the hallmarks of pseudoscience. Examples include indifference to facts and the criteria of valid evidence, reliance on subjective validation, avoidance of meaningful tests, and arguments from ignorance, errors, anomalies and strange events.

The presence of even one of these should arouse great suspicion. On the other hand, material displaying none of these flaws might still be pseudoscience, because its adherents invent new ways to fool themselves every day.

At our December event we examine Pseudoscience, particularly in the context of Medicine. Our distinguished panel comprises real scientists and science communicators, all with a healthy disrespect for those who would tout snake oil.

We have:

Prof Rob Morrison (Science Communicator): What and why about Friends of Science in medicine; why pseudosciences are not science

Dr Ian Musgrave (Molecular Pharmacologist/Toxicologist, University of Adelaide): A small dose of homeopathy: an in- depth look at the nonsense offered as valid

Tory Shepherd (Journalist, The Advertiser): Pseudoscience and the public, the media angle

Prof Marcello Costa (Prof of Neurophysiology, School of Medicine, Flinders University): Moving science into the medical arena

Prof Alastair MacLennan (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide): In depth case studies  for  medical  impact  on  women/children’s  health

All presenters have published/blogged on pseudoscience. Come and join us for an evening of discussion and debate!

Cost: ASC members & RiAus members: Free Non-members: $5

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Venue: The Science Exchange 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide SA 5000

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