Joy of Chocolate: Event Review

Thanks to Rebecca Rose for sending in this event review…

The Joy of Chocolate event held on the 16th of November was a great night. We had a good turn out. Galit gave an interesting overview of the chocolate life cycle and patiently answered the avalanche of questions that ensued. We learnt how the beans were fermented, dried and pounded to a paste. What the difference was between cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa solids (though technically I think by this stage they are termed ‘cacao’) and all about the tempering and refining process that makes silky smooth chocolate. Galit had an array of show and tell items and we were all tempted with samples of cocoa beans and chocolate buttons from different single source locations. The highlight of the evening for me however, was her amazing gananche samples. The lime and basil white ganache and the leatherwood honey milk chocolate ganache had people sneaking back for seconds and thirds… it was just too good!

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