Jobs: ASC seeking paid (and volunteer) writers!!

Get creative, gain new skills, make a difference to ASC

Location: anywhere in Australia with broadband internet access
Payment: per article for Inspiring Australia articles; love and appreciation for other writing.

We all know that writing is a critical skill for science communicators. The ASC needs people that can contribute to a number of writing projects, some are paid (money) and some are volunteer (paid for with thanks, adoration, and a growing prominent public portfolio of pieces as an ASC Writer).

1. Inspiring Australia Updates: Writing posts to ASC website about Inspiring Australia activities and projects. Writers for this task will need to deliver to a set structure and adhere to a style guide. Payment is a flat fee per post. For more details please contact

2. Website posts: You can do this now as all members have access to the ASC website (set up in WordPress)… To get some experience and write content you just need to get the latest login and get cracking. Kali and Claire can provide support to get your articles up there. Payment is a byline, love and adoration.

3. Articles for SCOPE: This is writing fun stuff for our monthly member newsletter. This newsletter goes straight to the inboxes of 400+ members! What a great way to get exposure and have some articles for your portfolio… Payment is a byline, love and adoration.

To express your interest for the above fun times, please send:

a)    a CV

b)    a statement noting which jobs you are interested in

c)     examples of your writing

d)    a statement addressing the selection criteria below:

  1. Established interest in science communication
  2. Writing and editing experience
  3. Enthusiasm!

Applications are invited by e-mail no later than 5 pm on 24 May 2013 to Claire Harris (ASC Vice President) at:

Applications must be submitted in PDF or Word 2003/2007 format (.doc or .docx). Candidates must be current financial members of ASC.

If you have any questions about the roles generally, please email

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