ASC2020 Call for Papers

ASC2020 Call for Papers and Sessions

We are delighted to invite you to get your thinking caps on! Expressions of interest for inclusion in the ASC2020 conference program due 30 September 2019.

The theme for ASC2020 is “Priorities, Policies and Publics for human survival” with streams such as environmental and sustainability communication, impact communication, and more.

We are keen to see a wide and varied program for 2020. Here are some examples of possible approaches to the conference themes to get you started:


  • • What is the role of science communication in solving the ‘wicked problems’ we face (e.g climate change or mass extinctions)
  • • Where does science fit in the current media climate, fake news, etc.?


  • • Is science communication an effective tool for behaviour change?
  • • Communicating in large, multi-stakeholder projects
  • • Science communication for social, environmental, or health impacts


  • • Engaging audiences through new technologies
  • • Transforming relations between science research and communication practice
  • • Widening participation in scientific research with new and diverse audiences

Types of submissions we will accept for ASC2020 include:

  • • Professional Development workshops
  • • Production of sessions and social activities (session and social proposals)
  • • Individual or small group presentations (see suggested formats below)
  • • Research papers

Types of sessions you may be interested in submitting:

  • • Practice insights: speakers describe, demonstrate and/or evaluate specific science communication practices.
  • • Provocations: short talks where speakers present and explore a dilemma in science communication theory or practice.
  • • Work in progress: speakers present work in progress on research or practice, including ideas under development or that have yet to be implemented.
  • • Problems and Solutions clinic: producing a session to allow participants to workshop solutions to the thorny issues they’re facing.
  • • Demonstrations: presenting innovative science communication practices with a commentary on their application and effectiveness.
  • • Workshop: allowing participants to actively engage in exploring a project or concept in science communication.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with questions and/or to discuss your ideas for ASC2020. All submissions are due 30 September 2019 online (links at

We look forward to an incredible array of talent and good things for this Eleventh National Conference of the Australian Science Communicators.



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