How to Design an Award-Winning Scientific Poster – The Online Course

Hello Science Communicators!

It’s clear: most scientific posters you’ve seen have been a confusing and yawn-inducing wall-of-text.

You know you need something different: a poster that is as innovative, intelligent and eye-catching.

But where do you start?

Join me on a thorough and engaging journey of clear and effective poster design.

I am excited to introduce my online course “How to Design an Award-Winning Scientific Poster” where I boil down over 10 years of experience in graphic design and science communication.

How to Design an Award-Winning Scientific Poster

No matter if you are targeting a lay or expert audience, the principles covered in this course will elevate your visual communication game.

Click the link below to learn more and enrol.


Dr Tullio Rossi

Director @ Animate Your Science

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About tullio

Dr Tullio Rossi is an award-winning science communicator, marine biologist and graphic designer. As Founder of the science communication agency "Animate Your Science", he helps researchers tell their story to the world. His engaging video animations and eye-catching graphics make science understandable for everyone, reaching millions of people around the world, thereby creating a real-life impact.

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