How to Design an Award-Winning Scientific Poster – The Online Course

Hello Science Communicators!
It’s clear: most scientific posters you’ve seen have been a confusing and yawn-inducing wall-of-text.
You know you need something different: a poster that is as innovative, intelligent and eye-catching.
But where do you start?
Join me on a thorough and engaging journey of clear and effective poster design.
I am excited to introduce my online course “How […]

Visual science communicators

A little while ago (read: 12 months) I put a call out for recommendations for visual science communicators – here’s who I found!
Sarah Abbott – Mountain Creek Media |
Biotext |
Design, publishing – four designers 
Mats Björklund – Magicpics |
Multimedia, animation, illustration
Samuel Chen – Walking Story |
Video, multimedia and more.
Lea Crosswell | 0409 255 691
Design, print
Levent […]

5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to stay up-to-date with science communication research

Scientists and science communicators are people who see knowledge as a foundation for actions and behaviours, right? A scientist, planning an experiment, will know all about the latest research in their field to maximise their chance of success. We build new knowledge on the knowledge of others.
But how often will a science communicator or scientist-who-communicates-science […]

Communicating science with mobile applications

The advanced connectivity and computing power of Smartphones opens up new possibilities for science communication, and an increasing number of institutions are experimenting with this great potential. That’s the topic of the thesis I published as part of my Masters of Science Communication, in which I look at the potential benefits and limitations of science-related […]

First published Proceedings of an Australian Science Communicators Conference are now available online

Thank you to Nancy Longnecker for the update and for kindly editing the Proceedings!
Professor Nancy Longnecker – Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
The first published proceedings of an Australian Science Communicators conference are now available online at ASC Publications. The 200-page volume includes full papers and presentation abstracts as well as […]

Launch of Scimex

Thanks to George Aranda for telling us about the Scimex launch.
The launch of the Science Media Exchange, also known as Scimex was on the 25th of November at the Bio21 Institute in Melbourne. The launch featured a panel discussion hosted by Robyn Williams, with Alan Finkel, Susan Greenfield, Peter Yates (Australian Science Media Centre), Jim […]

Science bloggers get Linked In to ASC

Thank you to Claire Harris for the discussion summary.
The ASC public LinkedIn group took off in early August with a discussion about scientist bloggers sparked by Jacinta Legg.
She asked, “Does anyone have any favourite Australian scientist-bloggers they follow?”
Jacinta, who describes herself as a ‘science geek’ likes to know what is happening in the world of […]

Keeping your eye on the journals prize

Thank you to Claire Harris and Joan Leach for preparing this piece.
Do you wish you could keep up with science communication research and papers published globally?
At ASC we hear that many people are busy and finding it hard to know where to look to keep up with what’s happening. So below, we have a few […]

Navigating the Animation Process (Part 1 of 5 – Initial Briefing)

From concept to screen, getting the best results.
by Adrian King (Animation/visual–fx producer, designer & artist)
I presented this material at a workshop at the ASC Conference 2014 in Brisbane. Some positive feedback has prompted me to write a condensed summary for ASC members who couldn’t attend. I hope you find it useful.
Creative processes can be described […]

Updates from the ASC AGM 2013 – minutes and amendments to the Constitution

The draft minutes from the 2013 AGM can now be viewed via this link:
131129 ASC AGM 2013 Draft Minutes
The 2013 AGM voted in favour of the proposed amendment to the Constitution regarding two additions to address the Not-For-Profit status of the organisation. The updated Constitution showing all the changes since it was adopted in 2003 […]