New discounted membership type: Corporate Linked Individual

We are delighted to announce a new heavily discounted membership type.

For just $64.99/annum*, individuals whose employer maintains a current Corporate membership with the ASC are eligible to join the ASC as a ‘Corporate Linked Individual’ member.

To check if your employer maintains a Corporate membership see here:

How do I join?
Join as usual from the ASC website:

Select the Corporate Linked Individual member type.

Continue through the membership form making sure that you register using your work email address matching that of a current Corporate member.

When it comes to payment there are two options:
1. Bill Me – selecting this will automatically generate an invoice with details for later payment including bank transfers.
2. Credit card – pay immediately on credit card and receive the matching invoice.

The new membership will go to an approval queue in the admin dashboard to verify your work email address. Once approved by the admin the membership is fully functional for 12 months from the date the membership was approved and for as long as your employer maintains their Corporate membership.
How do I switch my membership type? For existing eligible members who wish to change their membership type please contact to convert your membership for the next renewal date.

* This post has been updated on 5 Dec 2023 to reflect updated pricing information.

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