What would you ask a politician, if you had the chance?

As new members of Science and Technology Australia (STA), ASC for the first time will be part of Science Meets Parliament, so below is your chance to have some input on that.

In this program, STA organises meetings between representatives of their member organisations (mostly scientific professional bodies) and members of parliament. 

We – Claire Harris, Adam Selinger and Phil Dooley – will be the ASC delegate reps at this event, and would like to hear what conversations you – the members – would like to happen, when we get our 15 minutes of limelight with the decision-makers of the country.

We feel this first go at the event will be a learning and listening exercise for us. There may be a small chance for us to lobby on some issue or other, but primarily, we’d like to find out more about how politicians engage with science.

We invite you to offer suggestions via the form below.

Go here to leave your suggestions

Update – Claire, Adam and Phil will be joined by Isabella and Preeti who are also attending as a scholarship winner and as a general delegates. Any contribution to this form will be shared with them also.

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