WFSJ International Press Card

As a member-organisation of the World Federation of Science Journalists, the ASC qualifies members to access an international press card via the WFSJ. This card will help freelance and other journalists in gaining access to press conferences and official meetings, especially in countries that do not provide national press cards.

If you wish to apply, please fill in the application form on their website, and inform who will then be able to supply you with an email certifying your membership with the ASC as required in Part III of the application. At present, the committee is not in a position to coordinate bulk applications; members will need to apply by themselves.

More information on how to apply, the form and what proof you need to provide can be found here. Please note that there is a cost associated with getting the card. 

New cards are being issued by WSFJ in September, so we recommend you get your application in before September.

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