The June 2024 conference

Shared values and established relationships often hold more weight in decision-making and building trust than mere facts or truth. As humans, we inherently seek community. We are drawn to groups that affirm our perspectives, make us feel welcome, and dismiss notions we don’t like. The danger, however, is that we might find ourselves trapped in an echo-chamber, ensnared by confirmation bias.

A pressing challenge for today’s science communicators is leveraging this innate human need for connection to effect positive social good. How can we assist those transitioning away from groups founded on disinformation, ensuring they feel embraced and encouraged when exploring new ideas? And how can we simplify the journey for those open to incorporating science-based evidence into their decisions?

Introducing Support, Connect, Grow, the 2024 conference.

The Support, Connect, Grow conference presents an opportunity for professionals, researchers and educators from diverse fields to come together. It’s an occasion to delve into the ways quality communication can dismantle barriers, bridge knowledge gaps, and foster evidence-driven decision-making. This gathering not only offers a moment for reflection on the fundamental tenets of quality communication in science and technology but also serves as a hub for strengthening relationships, developing new collaborations, and elevating professional practice.

The conference will be held in Perth 16 – 22 June 2024. More details and early-bird tickets will be available shortly.

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