The Eureka’s with Jo Chandler

Jo Chandler is the 2023 winner of the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Science Journalism, and she joins the Australian Science Communicator’s co-President, Dr Tom Carruthers, in conversation about her win, her award winning piece, science journalism, and everything else.

In her blog, she shares how excited and honoured she felt to be awarded the prize, and how she felt her winning story entangled exploration, science, politics and policy all together with human ambition and endevour.

Join us to find out more from Jo on her broad experience in science journalism, what it feels like being recognised by the Eurekas, and to add the ASC’s warm congratulations for her award.

The event

The event started with a short conversation with Jo, talking about her award winning piece and her views on what’s important to consider when sharing science in today’s media landscape.

The Australia Museum’s citation for Jo Chandler

Jo Chandler’s longform essay Buried Treasure follows the most ambitious Australian Antarctic endeavour in a generation. The award-winning journalist had tracked the story for over a decade before pitching her article, which skilfully navigates urgent questions about science, our heating planet and the human condition.

The piece was published in the Griffith Review (Edition 77: Real Cool World), 2 August 2022

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