Jobs: ASC seeking paid (and volunteer) writers!!

The ASC needs people that can contribute to a number of writing projects, some are paid (money) and some are volunteer (paid for with thanks, adoration, and a growing prominent public portfolio of pieces as an ASC Writer). Continue reading

Job: ASC seeking Scope newsletter Editor

Scope editor: Have your finger on the pulse, gain new skills, make a difference to ASC Continue reading

ASC SA Journal Club: Are scientists susceptible to a soundbite?

ASCSA journal club is a social way to keep up with current research in science communication and to refine your skills in critical analysis. We’ll review selected articles in groups and also share ideas on the best journals to watch and the best tools for searching for and collating articles.
This month we’ll be reviewing a […]

Inspiring Australia update: Science communication summit, 6-7 June 2013 at UNSW

Want to add your two cents to science communication? Inspiring Australia has announced a two day meeting where everyone’s contributions can add up to a big deposit for Australia’s science communication future.
The BIG science communication summit – pathways to inspiring Australia
Inspiring Australia, TechNyou and ScienceRewired are excited to announce a 2-day hands-on summit to map […]

ScienceRewired – Looking at science from new digital perspectives

Posted by Jesse Shore for Joanne Sinclair:
ScienceRewired was launched at the Science Exchange in Adelaide on 11th October 2012. The Science Exchange was a fantastic venue with great facilities. The building is a beautiful mix of old and new – huge screens in the auditorium (perfect for Skype presentations) and glorious stained glass windows. It […]

sciencerewired – members’ 30% discount extended and freebies for students

ASC is a supporter of sciencerewired. It has a packed all day program with a focus on digital media, With the members’ discount and student scholarships it becomes even more accessible to gain professional development in this rapidly evolving area.
The discount for ASC members to attend the sciencerewired event has been extended. You can […]

sciencerewired – increased members’ discount and freebies for students

Breaking news – ASC members can now attend the sciencerewired event for only $200, more than a 30% discount, if you register by 26 September. Email to get the promotion code. sciencerewired is on 11 October 2012 at the RiAus in Adelaide.
Five free student scholarships
sciencerewired is also offering five free tickets on a first come […]

ASC supports sciencerewired – Adelaide, 11 October 2012

The ASC is now a supporter of the sciencerewired event. This full day event, on 11 October 2012 at the RiAus in Adelaide, offers a great program with a focus on digital media, It sounds perfect for gaining professional development in this rapidly evolving area. sciencerewired is organised by media140 and their inaugural event […]

Clean Energy Future: Using market research to inform strategy (ACT event)

[ 27 June 2012; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] Come along and hear about how market research informed the communication strategy, how things have played out, and the communication challenges and opportunities ahead! Continue reading

What are the upcoming issues and themes in science communication?

The recent ASC conference had many people asking how can we increase our effectiveness? And what can we do to have more positive outcomes? Sometimes we need to drive our professional development in a new direction to break out of the tried but no longer true way of doing things.
What new issues, themes, skills, techniques, […]