Member Profile: Sally Miles

Sally Miles has always had a strong interest in Science Communication. Upon completing a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University in 1997, she sought ways to communicate environmental issues and practical solutions to the public. Sally has worked in communications roles with Clean Up Australia, The Wilderness Society, Planet Ark and Conservation Volunteers Australia. In 2008, Sally moved into the corporate sector through Big Switch Projects and more recently, the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI), working with businesses on developing and communicating their sustainability and climate change programs.

Sally has researched, written and spoken on many environmental issues including climate change, energy efficiency, biodiversity, water management and waste issues such as plastic bags, container deposits and e-waste. She has developed a diverse range of environmental programs from indigenous education kits to corporate staff engagement events.

Sally lives in Sydney and currently works as an independent writer and consultant in Sustainability Communications. She reads and writes on all things Science and is planning to complete her Masters in Media Practice at Sydney University next year. She also looks after her two young children: Jack (2.5yrs) and Lily (6months). In the few spare moments between nappy changes she enjoys blogging, yoga, meditation and running (& may or may not survive her first half marathon coming up in September).

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