President’s Update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s Update!

Welcome to 2017!

I hope ASC members are starting out 2017 on a high note. The end of last year brought a new report from the US on Science Communication—it’s available for download here. While ASC members will be well aware of the communication techniques it advocates, the report also motivates a future research agenda for science communication. I look forward to talking with ASC members about how these suggestions work in the Australian context in the coming months—one to discuss at our February conference for certain.

Our AGM will be held at the 2017 ASC conference in Adelaide. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to let ASC know what is important to you. I’ll also be passing the President’s baton on at this meeting. I’m delighted that Craig Cormick has contacted me to confirm he is interested in standing for ASC President. We will post his proposed platform with the AGM papers. Others may yet be interested; do let me know if you’d like a conversation or you, too, wish to stand so I can draw members’ attention to the candidates. I’m delighted that Craig has put up his hand—he comes with 25 years experience across multiple science communication sectors. When I asked him why he was interested, he was also characteristically witty and said, “My reason for standing for President is, quite simply, the knowledge that one day we are all going to be asked, what did you do in the subtle war against science and the advancement of truthiness?”

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