ASC Co-Presidents’ Message, Jirana Boontanjai and Tom Carruthers

This month while Tom is still overseas, Jirana attended a workshop as part of the Australian Government’s Pathway to Diversity in STEM Review. It was an opportunity to discuss with other STEM related groups that promoted or worked on increasing diversity. The goal was to find solutions to increasing the different types of diversity, and identifying what already works and how it could be upscaled. Thank you to those who took the time to reply to our survey on this and share their thoughts, these were taken to the meeting and weaved into the discussion. The thoughts and ideas that we provided resonated with the group and were of value. Hopefully it leads to great change!

We also had a chat with a few ASC members in cities where there is currently no active branch, with the hope that although there might not be a branch, at least some local activity can be happening in the meantime. If you’re in a city with no branch, and would like to organise a one-off event, please get in touch. We’re happy to provide financial support and provide software resources for events that will benefit the membership. Send us an email and we can have a chat about it: alternatively, if you have an event idea (or want to organise) for the national membership, please get in touch too.

Hopefully now that we’re becoming more refreshed we’ll be able to start focusing on more events, governance, CRM and website updating. If you’re free to dedicate time to help, please get in touch. We’ll be reaching out to conference people soon so there’s still time to put your hand up to volunteer (we’ve fixed the form so you should have access now!).

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