ASC Co-Presidents’ Message, Jirana Boontanjai and Tom Carruthers

A lot of conversations have been happening this month, and we’re closer to more and more answers as we look to start local and national events, professional development opportunities, ASC2024, governance, SCOPE (please fill in the survey!) and website renewals. It’s hard to share more than ‘it’s coming’. If you know either of us, you know we dream big, and we thank you for your patience. Of course, if you’ve any volunteer time you’d like to donate to help speed up the process, please let us know. We’re on the hunt for help with our website and membership portal upgrade along with conference and governance help. Just get in touch:

ASC is getting invited to more and more things, this time we were invited to attend the announcement of the Australian Science Olympiad team at Parliament House. Cassandra Layne (our National Treasurer) has provided an update on the event.

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