About Using the ASC Email Lists

These lists are unmoderated and are publicly searchable on the internet.

We have archives of all messages sent since 2002 for both the ASC-List and ASC-Media lists.

Free to subscribe, pay to post.

WARNING: We are unable to delete posts that have been sent to the lists. Please consider carefully being sending as your post will remain publicly searchable on the internet forever more.

Messages sent to the lists are size restricted (no images, PDFs etc please) to keep the volume down and performance up. If you wish to include images and other attachments, please publish them somewhere else and link to them in your text.

We rely on members of the community to follow some basic list etiquette, and, if any issues arise, to communicate directly with the person/s involved to resolve these.

If you have concerns about use of the lists please share these with us by emailing your concerns to web [at] asc.asn.au.

Subscription is free, but you must pay to post.

How to Register to Post on the ASC Email Lists

These email lists allow you to post a message to over 1,700 subscribers:
• ASC-list (asc-list@lists.sublimeip.com) – for discussing science communication issues, promoting events and sharing jobs and other opportunities.
• ASC-media (asc-media@lists.sublimeip.com) – for press releases and self promotion.
Registration to these lists is not automatic with ASC membership, you must register.
How to register on the lists:
• Upon receiving your welcoming email from the list, if you are a current financial member of the ASC send an email to web [at] asc.asn.au and ask for your moderation setting to be switched off. This will allow you to post. Make sure you specify which list you are seeking to post to (or both). Please specify the email address you will be posting from. It must already be registered as a subscriber.
• Once you have received a reply from the list moderator confirming your moderation is ‘off’, you are free to post. Always bcc yourself to know that your post has sent successfully.
How to unsubscribe from the lists:
Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any list message you have received from the inbox and email address that you no longer wish to receive messages to.
Quick link to both lists is here: https://lists.sublimeip.com/mailman/listinfo/
Click on either list name to view Archives and manage subscriptions.

I’m an ASC member, why aren’t I on the list?
Members and non-members are allowed to join the list. The ASC does not add you to the list, it is your responsibility. Not all members choose to use the lists.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe?

Choose either the ASC-list or ASC-media list.
Both lists use Mailman, which allows all administration on the web by subscribers.

How do I change my email subscription?
If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your subscription page at: ASC-list or ASC-media.

How does it work?
The mailing list simply copies any email it receives and sends it to all the addresses subscribed to the list. At the moment it is open for anyone to subscribe (although only ASC members can post to the lists).

How do I post a message?
A mailing list distributes multiple copies of email messages.
When you send an email to the list, it sends a copy of the message to all subscribers. That’s presently more than 1,700 people.

Address your message to asc-list@lists.sublimeip.com to send an email to ASC-list subscribers and asc-media@lists.sublimeip.com to send an email to ASC-media subscribers.

Bcc yourself so that you can be certain your post has sent correctly.

I have sent a message, but it didn’t appear. Why?
It is a good idea to always bcc yourself on your posts to the lists so that you know it has been sent correctly. If you are uncertain that your post sent, check the list archives to make sure.
If your post was definitely not sent, one of the following occurred:

  • You sent an email with an attachment. Attachments are not allowed.
  • You sent an email that was too large. Size is limited to manage storage space.
  • You sent an email that looked like a spam mail. Does the subject have words such as WIN, FREE, DEBT, SEX? Does the To: field have more than 10 email addresses? If so you need to change your email and resend it.
  • You are not on the list. Visit ASC-list or ASC-media list pages and follow the on screen instructions to ensure you are registered with the same email address you are using to post. If you are, then you have not requested posting rights. Do so by emailing web [at] asc.asn.au to request posting rights be activated.

I’ve forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, visit the mailman web page for ASC-list or ASC-media and type in your details. You still have problems retrieving your password, contact web [at] asc.asn.au.

I thought I was on the list. What happened?

One of the following:

  1. Your email address changed. Some organisations have simplified their email addresses (eg. CSIRO email addresses now end with @csiro.au). You will need to unsubscribe your old email address and subscribe your new one. See below.
  2. You were removed from the list for the following reasons:
    • You email server was returning email from the list.
    • You set your ‘out of office’ assistant and we received multiple emails from you.
    • You breached the rules of conduct for the email list.
Other problems?

Email web@ [at] asc.asn.au

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