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Interested in receiving the hearing about the latest in science communication? One of our most popular member features, the mailing lists are free to all and user-managed.

Quick link to both lists is here:
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These lists are unmoderated and are publicly searchable on the internet.

We have archives of all messages sent since 2002 for both the ASC-List and ASC-Media lists.

Free to subscribe, pay to post.

Subscribe, unsubscribe and otherwise manage your own list subscriptions

Use the links below to subscribe, unsubscribe and otherwise manage your subscriptions to each of these lists.

The two lists are:

  • ASC-list – for discussing science communication issues, promoting events and sharing jobs and other opportunities
  • ASC-media – for press releases and self promotion

A special bonus for financial members of the ASC only is the right to post to one or both of these lists.

To unsubscribe from a list click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any list message you have received from the inbox and email address that you no longer wish to receive messages to.

Post to the lists

WARNING: We are unable to delete posts that have been sent to the lists, so please consider carefully being sending as your post will remain publicly searchable on the internet forever more.

If you wish to post to either of these lists you must first be a current member of the ASC and be subscribed to the list you wish to post to as per the instructions above.

Posting rights do not happen automatically once you are a member of the ASC, you must email us to request they be activated.

To activate your list posting rights please email web [at] requesting posting rights. Name each list you wish to post to, and each email address you intend to post from. Your posting rights will not work unless you have advised each email address and list required. You must already be subscribed to each list with the addresses you request to be activated.

These lists are unmoderated and are publicly searchable on the internet.

We have archives of all messages sent since 2002.

Messages sent to the lists are size restricted (no images, PDFs etc please) to keep the volume down and performance up. If you wish to include images and other attachments, please publish them somewhere else and link to them in your text.

Once you are subscribed and post-active you send an email to to send an email to ASC-list subscribers and to send an email to ASC-media subscribers.

Remember to bcc yourself on anything you send out so that you know it has gone out ok.

If you did not bcc yourself and did not receive a copy straight away you may have a “digest” option on your subscription to save you receiving an email alert every time a message is posted to the list.

You can check if your post has appeared in the list archives after sending at the ASC-list and ASC-media archives.

Read more about joining and using the ASC lists here.

To learn more about using the list software to manage your subscription see this list member FAQ here.