ASC submission on the National Science Communication Strategy

If you are interested in the development of the National Science Communication Strategy, here is an opportunity to get involved in shaping the Australian Science Communicators’ submission.

This is an invitation to join an electronic forum/discussion where you can put forward your views. The URL is

Time lines are short. The submission has to be emailed to the steering committee by Monday 24 August. I propose to begin drafting something on Friday 14 August. During the week commencing Monday 17 August, I will be in Brisbane at the Intecol conference and the ASC Hot Air symposium  (Wednesday 19 August) where I will be meeting with Jenni Metcalfe, Joan Leach and Will Rifkin among others, to refine the draft submission. Hopefully, I will be able to complete it when I get home in time for lodging on Monday 24 August.

During this process, I should be able to lodge draft versions in this forum for comment.

What I want from you is input on the following:

  1. What should be the goal of a National Science Communication Strategy? What should science communication achieve?
  2. How do you evaluate effective science communication? Examples?
  3. Practical examples of successful science communication.
  4. Practical ideas for action in the next 12 months and the next five years?
  5. What should be the Commonwealth responsibility in this area and what should be left to the States?
  6. Mechanisms that could support and sustain more effective science communication—particularly those which would simulate cooperation between groups and future investment in science communication.

You can lodge your ideas on these and other topics on the Ning set up for the purpose.

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