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Members may be aware of AusAID’s Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) program, which places skilled young Australians (18-30) on short-term assignments in developing countries. Hoping some of you may find the following of interest:


Africa has lagged behind in the scientific field due in part to lack of state of the art facilities. Biosciences Eastern and Central Africa-International Livestock Research Institute (BecA-ILRI) Hub is a new world-class bio-sciences research facility recently launched in Nairobi, Kenya and open to scientists and other stakeholders from Africa’s national research institutes and universities. It brings to par the continent’s research capability with that of the world’s most advanced countries.

Applications are sought for a Communication Specialist at Beca in a 12 month placement from July/Aug 2010 through the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development Program. Ideally the applicant will have either an undergraduate science degree and post-graduate communication qualifications or a bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising, communications or related subject area. Applicants should also have at least two years experience in a relevant field with demonstrated experience in graphics arts, writing, editing, design, layout, web work and database management.

The Communication Specialist will assist in implementing the BecA-ILRI Hub communication strategy and to provide communications support to research scientists and technical support staff at the Hub. The person will help transform data and information into highly readable and informative messages conveyed through stories and other information products aimed at specific target audiences including donors, scientists, policy makers and the general public, through the media.

Further general details on AYAD (eligibility, allowances etc) can be found at The Crawford Fund is the Australian Partner Organisation for the placement and further information is available below and by contacting Cathy Reade, Coordinator, Public Awareness at the Crawford Fund by email initially at To be eligible for the AYAD Program you must be 18-30 year old and an Australian citizen.

It is envisaged that through applications and subsequent interviews, suitable candidates will be identified by 20 May for placement in July/Aug 2010. If you are interested, please contact Cathy asap so that additional information can be provided to you in the first instance, and then further information provided by phone or contact with the partners in Africa. Ideally, your CV will be received by 8 May.

BECA received a special mention by Bill Gates in his annual letter 2010 as follows: “In December I visited the BECA Laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya, which is headed by a scientist named Segenet Kelemu. Their laboratory is doing state-of-the-art marker-assisted breeding to improve sorghum, cassava, and corn so the crops yield more food and resist pests, drought, and diseases… For products like sorghum, even when they can tell that a seed has all the right characteristics, they still have to develop varieties that also match local tastes, since unlike corn or wheat in rich countries there isn’t one standard form that everyone prefers.”

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